Mother’s Day Poems – The Perfect Addition to Any Mother’s Day Gift

I am 46 years old and since I was in grade school I have written my Mother a poem for each and every Mother’s Day. And every Mother’s Day my Mom still pulls out the shoe box she keeps all those poems in and reads each and every one out loud.

I love it when I am able to be with her on Mother’s Day to see her smile and laugh as she reads the poems from my younger days. And to see her eyes fill up with tears of happiness as she reads some of my more thoughtful and inspired Mothers Day poems.

That feeling only ranks second to how I feel each year as my two children bless their mother with poems of their own. Each Mother’s Day my wife also sits and reads every Mother’s Day poem my children have given her over the years. From the couple of lines scrawled beside the finger paint hand print on the yellowed paper plate to others handwritten on the inside of a cards that arrived by themselves or attached to flowers or gift baskets, I can see how each one means so much to my wife.

That is one of the reasons I look forward to Mother’s Day every year.  And this year I am hoping to hear from other folks who enjoy Mother’s Day as much as I do and especially those who like to give Mother’s Day Poems as a gift or as part of a larger gift.  It would be really great if folks could share some of their favorite Mother’s Day Poems.  It might just inspire some folks to write one for the first time and make Mother’s Day 2009 one of the most special ever for their mother and/or wife.

I would also like to hear stories about your memories of some of your best Mother’s Day.

This Mother’s Day is particularly exciting for me because my wife and I are expecting another child on April 19th.  So this Mother’s Day will be the first Mother’s Day in a long time with a new baby.  And I am already working on a special poem for the event.  I will share it after Mother’s Day if it is alright with her.  Same with the one I am writing for my Mom.

My hopes are that although this year has been a tough one so far, that more folks will write a poem or letter letting their Mother’s know how much they are loved and appreciated and that  this extra thought and effort could help make Mother’s Day 2009 the best yet for a lot of the Moms out there.

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