Mother’s Day – Mother And Wife

Mother’s day is approaching soon -a day to celebrate the motherhood. It is a day to thank mothers for all that they sacrifice for their children. A mother practically gives away her hobbies, her interests and many times her job to raise her children. Nature makes a mother like that. She will protect her children against all the dangers and give them all the comfort that she can. How do women balance their role between being a mother and a wife? Can any man do that? It looks very difficult, rather impossible. Men will talk a lot, but when comes to do this fine balancing, not many will succeed at all.

How many men realize the work done by their wives? Rather they start feeling jealous that their wife is paying more attention to kids than them? It sounds ridiculous. Instead of making such complaints that are outrageous, men should make all attempts to help their wives and share as much burden as possible. A man who earns can say – I draw a paycheck of this much amount. What will a mother who works round the clock say about her paycheck? Her paycheck is the smile on face of her healthy children and satisfaction of her husband. No monetary value can be put on that.

A wife who is also a mother draws no contract with those she cares for. She makes no pre conditions. For a woman, who loves her husband, her man is very important and for a mother, her children are most important. Women bear many injustices. A lot of them work for years to only get a divorce at the end. To restart the life with kids must be a real tough job for a divorcee woman. Society that is male dominated should not only acknowledge their mothers, but also their wives. Women deserve much more recognition than they get.

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