Here’s why you’ll be seeing pink ‘pussyhats’ during the Women’s March on Washington

An innovative form of “craftivism” is going viral in the final weeks leading up to the Jan. 21 march in protest of President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration. The aim? Outfit every single one of the projected 200,000 protesters at the Women’s March on Washington in pink “pussyhats.” When packing for the Women’s March on Washington, don’t forget your knitting needles and bright pink yarn. They are, after all, unexpected essentials. SEE ALSO: ‘P*ssy grabbing’ threats are now a thing in

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First human-pig chimeras created, sparking hopes for transplantable organs – and debate

These¬ human-pig “chimeras” were not allowed to develop past the fetal stage, but¬ the experiment suggests such creations¬ could eventually be used to grow fully human organs for transplant, easing the fatal shortage of organs:¬ 120,000 people¬ in the United States are waiting for lifesaving transplants, but every day two dozen die before they get them. Read more…Pig embryos that had been injected with human stem cells when they were only a few days old began to grow organs containing

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This simple device creates clean water for those who need it

The simple device can treat up to 200 liters of water in just five minutes. The ‘Community Chlorine Maker’ uses salt, water and some power to create easy access to clean drinking water. Read more… More about Tech, Device, Access To Clean Drinking Water, Clean Water, and Community Chlorine Maker

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The imposing Viking runestones which dot the Swedish countryside

A girl with a teddy bear at a runestone in S√∂derby, Botkyrka. The inscription reads, “Sibbe and Tjarve had the stone raised in memory of Torkel, their father.”1930 Image: Swedish National Heritage Board Strewn across Scandinavia, and particularly Sweden’s Uppland province, are thousands of stones carved with runic inscriptions dating from the Bronze Age up to modern times. Most of Sweden’s surviving runestones date from the end of the Viking Age, or the 11th century AD Runestones were

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