Incredible Photos Of An Uncontacted Amazon Tribe That Doesn’t Know Our Civilization Exists

Brazilian photographer Ricardo Stuckert had his helicopter flight diverted because of a storm, but this detour led to a remarkable photos of a remote rain forest tribe. These high-resolution images were taken in Brazil’s state of Acre, near its border with Peru. This region strictly protects its forests and indigenous inhabitants. The photographs show a small group of people with plain clothing, weapons, and body paint. During contact, one man even threw his spear towards the helicopter.

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These photos are your holiday travel nightmare come to life

SEE ALSO: TSA’s tragic tale of a giant abandoned teddy bear gets a twist Christmas is just a week away, so we’re now officially near the height of holiday travel season, which is full of hiccups and snarls. Travel veterans won’t flinch, but new photos out of Denver International Airport on Sunday might make anyone’s heart skip a beat, especially if they’re worried about making an upcoming flight. Winter weather resulted in hundreds of canceled flights on Frontier Airlines and a nightmare

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Guys show us their best poses for Tinder profile photos

Your mirror selfies and those shots of you and your mates on holiday aren’t gonna do you any favours in finding a match. That said, it’s not all that easy selecting an alluring photo that shows off your personality and good looks. LONDON – Online dating is a dog-eat-dog world. And, when the competition is this tough, the strength of your profile photo is more important than ever before. SEE ALSO: We asked total strangers to tell us what to wear on a Tinder date Do you show off your fun side,

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