Incredible Photos Of An Uncontacted Amazon Tribe That Doesn’t Know Our Civilization Exists

Brazilian photographer Ricardo Stuckert had his helicopter flight diverted because of a storm, but this detour led to a remarkable photos of a remote rain forest tribe. These high-resolution images were taken in Brazil’s state of Acre, near its border with Peru. This region strictly protects its forests and indigenous inhabitants. The photographs show a small group of people with plain clothing, weapons, and body paint. During contact, one man even threw his spear towards the helicopter.

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I’ve Traveled To One Of The Most Beautiful Beach Areas In South America

That the naturally sculpted ‘Pedra Furada’ will look so dreamy in the sunset light Every time we travel to a new place we have the tendency to create certain expectations about the things we are about to see and do. Internet is playing an essential role in gathering all the information we might need before engaging with the unknown. This is a very good thing to do that can save us a lot of trouble and money, but in the same time it partially compromises the element of surprise or creates

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